Annual Report 2015

 This has been another landmark year for Sigma and we are delighted to report that the Group’s results are now beginning to show the benefits of our PRS strategy, with profit before tax up nearly ten times to £2.14m.   

We achieved two key milestones in 2015. Firstly we started our second phase of PRS homes, with a new fund, UK PRS Properties, which is principally backed by the Kuwait Investment Authority and institutional shareholders from the State of Kuwait.  Secondly we launched our own self-funded PRS portfolio, having raised £20m of equity, and started the first phase of delivery in December. The creation of our own portfolio of PRS assets marks an important step in Sigma’s development. It will significantly enhance our returns from on our PRS infrastructure as well as generate material additional long-term recurring income. We are targeting a self-funded portfolio of c. 550 family homes, with a total development value in excess of £60m by the end of 2017.



Sigma is now firmly established as a leading participant in unlocking the PRS opportunity in the UK, delivering family homes across the regions, which the UK needs. Macro drivers of undersupply of new homes and historic poor management of rental stock mean that our PRS platform is gaining significant traction. With our PRS venture with Gatehouse performing ahead of expectations on the first phase, our launch of a second phase, with UK PRS Properties, and our own PRS portfolio underway, we are confident of further progress during 2016.


David Sigsworth