Urban Regeneration

Sigma Inpartnership is a nationally recognised leader in the creation and management of long-term, large-scale regeneration projects.  These projects are typically delivered utilising partnership structures with local authorities or other land owners. 

It is widely recognised that our Higher Broughton Partnership was the first Asset Backed Vehicle in the UK, followed closely by our unique partnerships in North Solihull and Liverpool.

Sigma Inpartnership is an award winning regeneration specialist and we are at the forefront of Government policy in holistic community regeneration.  Our partnerships result in major downstream development opportunities involving schools, health facilities, new homes, commercial retailing and leisure.

The long term delivery focussed approach has attracted significant grant funding from a variety of bodies such as Housing Market Renewal Fund; Homes & Communities Agency; ERDF; Growing Places. 

Our projects have been used by the Audit Commission as exemplars in their field.  

The developments coming through the existing 3 partnerships is estimated at over £2bn over the next 15 years, and we expect to add to these partnerships as we move forward.